Yellow Squeeds quintet, featuring Francesco Diodati on guitar and compositions, Enrico Zanisi on piano, Enrico Morello on drums, Glauco Benedetti on tuba and Francesco Lento on trumpet, results from many approaches and styles, thus enriching Diodati’s originals with a timbric range and countless expressive possibilities. The 9 tracks of Flow, Home describe an ongoing human path which is undefined, yet not inconclusive, with its natural stop-and-goes. A need for stability and, at the same time, the wish to be back to an imaginary buen retiro, more of an inside place than a real one. All this is easily reflected into Diodati’s choices as a composer who can create airy, distinguished sonic architectures. And the decision to replace the usual double bass with a tuba perfectly matches the depth of these tunes.



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